Feng Shui in the garden

I see Feng Shui landscape designing, as just another way of bringing balance for your personal enhancement.  Working with the earth brings the qualities of earth to you.  The basic element of earth is healing, regenerative,and without any effort at all, you recieve these benefits.  It is a way of bringing forth a balance of the yin and yang, light and darkness are balanced by using different elements: water, earth,fire (example: pointy leaves of plants represent this element)  rocks, wood element (trees), metals (flower pots, wind chimes or a metal bench to sit and reflect the days events.  When you take these elements and use the bagua-the map of Feng Shui, you are able to draw beneficial energy to you and your home.

The compass directions have corresponding colors to help create your balanced landscaping.  When you involve the elements and colors of the bagua map, it createsthe a good energy-chi and it is carried into your home to help empower you and your family.  The balance of inside/outside Feng Shui will give you the extra boost it takes to live your life in harmony and balance. You will also realize that once you create this harmony, more birds, butterflies, praying mantis will arrive on the scene to share and add to this energized area.  You will also find this area to be one that attracts the human race to your area.

Yvonne Phillips is a Master Gardener with Phipps Conservatory in Pittsburgh