Teleconference - Chinese Year of the Yang Earth Dog
11:00 AM11:00

Teleconference - Chinese Year of the Yang Earth Dog

Chinese Year of the Yang Earth Dog. What does that mean for you?

Feng Shui practitioner, Yvonne Phillips FSII, will share with you the details of how the energies will work for you.  What’s the difference between the Year of the Rooster and the Year of the Dog? This information will be provided to you for each Chinese animal sign. Who are my Secret Friends? How is my Health for this year? What should I do to prepare for this event?

Please join Yvonne as she walks you through this year’s energy shifts and what you can do to create your goals of 2018.

DATE: Monday, February 12, 2018
TIME: 11:00am - 12:00pm
WHERE: Teleconference - a copy of the recording will be sent to you!
COST: $9.99


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Feng Shui Holiday Magic
1:00 PM13:00

Feng Shui Holiday Magic

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From the colors you decorate with, to where you place your tree has an effect on what you are attracting into your life!

What would you like to attract to your life in 2018? 
Improving your Love Life? 
Attracting Wealth & Prosperity? 
Having better Health? 
Improving relationships with Family & Friends?

Find out the 'SECRET' ways to do this through Feng Shui! 

Yvonne will share how the placement of your holiday décor can enhance your magic energy in 2018.

She will give you a basis of Feng Shui understanding that will make it easy for you to implement.

Yvonne will also share many tips on how all of your family can benefit from this ancient art.

Yvonne Phillips is an innovative Feng Shui color and design consultant, author, speaker and featured media guest with expertise in visual merchandising and promotional marketing. 

As a 20-plus-year Feng Shui advisor and educator, she is a veritable font of knowledge and inspiration on how to live in total harmony within one’s environment for health, wealth, wellness, creativity and happiness. 

Through Creative Color & Design, Yvonne and her staff provide Feng Shui analysis, training and consulting for businesses and corporations.

Dr. Lillian Ronzio School of Holistic Health
275 Pleasant Valley Rd, Connellsville, Pennsylvania 15425

Cost: $40

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