Feng Shui

Feng Shui deals with the flow of energy and by activating areas in your home and office, you create balance and harmony that guarantees that your good fortune will come true.  The ancient science of Feng Shui interweaves the directions of the compass with 9 specific areas of each of our lives. Feng Shui explores the relationship of a person to place and provides simple, easy to implement solutions for inauspicious conditions of an environment that can tip a balance in your favor.  Situating the proper colors in the proper places in your office or home can help bring harmony to your life in the following areas.



On the surface, Feng Shui is the simple interaction of humans and their environments. Taken a step further, Feng Shui enables you to influence these interacting energies to achieve specific life improvements. This influence is achieved by positioning or designing your surroundings in harmony with principles of natural energy flow.

As a result, you - and your life -  can achieve harmony with your surroundings. Feng Shui is practical and grounding, and it helps you right where you live and work.



A relaxing, calming and orderly work environment is not only easier on the nerves, but a pleasure to spend time in. Be sure your work space is supporting you, not draining you!

It's simply the how-it-feels quality of being in a place. If you feel inspired, creative, and capable in your office, then it's got some positive Feng Shui going on, but if you feel trapped, blocked, and insecure, then it's some poor Feng Shui, and your productivity will suffer as a result.



Although invisible, the energy that flows around your home greatly impacts the quality of your well-being, and if energy becomes blocked or stagnant, this imbalance can lead to symptoms such as lethargy, irritability, depression and poor sleep.

Feng Shui is often referred to as the art of placement. How you place your furniture, possessions, and yourself within your surroundings largely impacts your life experience.  We provide a way of bringing balance, comfort, and harmony into your home in a manner that is difficult to achieve by any other means.


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Yvonne specializes in the every day application of Feng Shui - the ancient art of living in harmony with the environment for health, wealth, wellness, creativity and happiness. Make a positive change in your life today.