Travel Feng Shui Box

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Travel Feng Shui Box

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When you’re ready to hit the road, take this travel trunk feng shui in a box with you! The specially chosen items offer you travel protection and promote positive energy. Inside you’ll find everything a traveler needs for a successful and harmonious travel experience that also has great feng shui! Box is a darling trunk sized at 4″x3″x4″

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Inside the travel trunk you’ll find:

  • A bagua-shaped mirror. Use it to deflect a negative view, or use it to as a base for the travel candle.
  • Travel candle. Lovely, coconut-scented travel brings the flame of sociability and friendships. Protects against negativity and stimulate chi in your hotel room by ridding it of stale energy. Comes in a beautiful silver container that can re-used over and over again by inserting your own votive candles.
  • 9 conch shells in a velvet pouch. The conch is a precious object that brings intelligence and a prosperous voyage and is perfect for the business traveler. For the business traveler, the shell brings about respect and authority. For the leisure travel, the conch shell represents harmony and fulfilling relationships and mental sharpness.
  • Yellow pillow with jade dragon. The pillow is lightly scented and adorned with a carved jade dragon to bring vitality, good health and protection.  Place next to your hotel room bed, or hang on the hotel room door handle or in the car for safety and good fortune.
  • Faceted crystal. Perfectly travel-sized, this crystal can be hung in your window of the hotel room or from the lamp to spray rainbows of light around the room and bring about positive energy for your trip and hotel room.
  • Jade pendant. Carved with the bagua amulet, jade protects health and the bagua provides benefits from all directions of your travels! Wear, display in your hotel room or carry in your luggage for travel protection.
  • Mesh travel bag. Carry all your travel charms in this handy mesh bag that can be tossed into your carry on bag or your luggage to bring all your travel luck on the road with you!
  • Red envelope. Comes with wish papers to write your travel wishes. Carry with you on your travels in your luggage or on your person.