Romance Feng Shui Box


Romance Feng Shui Box

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Looking for love or want to make your relationship that much closer? This fabulous romance box has everything you need to attract a new partner or hold on even tighter to the love you have. Each beautiful round box is filled with the feng shui items that enhance happiness and love luck. Inside this two layer box are eight beautiful items designed to improve your love chi. Create your own love shrine with the items in this beautiful, sentimental and charming box. Measures 5.5″x5.5″.  

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Included in this box:

  • Pair of mandarin ducks. This precious pair are the symbols of love in China and in feng shui because they mate for life. This sweet set comes on a lovely rosewood stand.
  • Scented red candle on round mirror. Designed to intensify passion and those loving feelings, this rose flower candle symbolizes eternal, romantic love.
  • Two rosebud candles. Sweet and enchanting, the rosebuds represent the flame of love and romance.
  • Faceted heart crystal with pair of fish. Both the heart and the pair of fish represent the tenderness of pairing up and of love. Hang wherever you desire positive energy and abundant love.
  • Pink quartz heart-shaped pendant. This sweet pendant comes in a velvet pouch to bring calm and caring to your relationships. Wear or carry with you.
  • Heart shaped picture frame. Keep your loved one close with a picture of him or her or the both of you.  Keep this under a light to stimulate loving feelings.
  • Bagua shaped mirror. This mirror can be used to deflect negative energy or to activate it. Place your quartz heart here or other love objects to solidify your love.
  • Pillow with the mystic knot. The mystic or endless knot represents longevity and lasting love.