Kitchen Feng Shui Box


Kitchen Feng Shui Box


There’s no question the kitchen is the heart of the home. Enjoy all the feng shui items in this stunning gift box to bring great chi to your kitchen. Box includes 9 delightful items to bring abundance and positive energy to the kitchen, a symbol of health and vitality.

Shipping is included. Size is 7.5” x 7.5”

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 Included in the box is:
•    Faceted crystal apple to attract beneficial energy and promote harmony in the home
•    Ceramic dragon imbues your kitchen and home with strength and good health
•    Carved sage represents clean clearing energies
•    Ceramic tea bag holder holds your sage for symbolizing clearing and cleansing
•    Lucky cat creamer beckons wealth and abundance in your kitchen
•    Mandarin oranges to symbolize good fortune
•    Scented candle on carved stand to enjoy during meals
•    Bagua shaped mirror to deflect negative energy or to bring in beautiful views
•    Lucky red wish envelope for writing your wishes on paper